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The process of you sending documents to us to serve on someone might seem complicated but it is not. We are here to help. However you must get it right. If it has not been dealt with correctly the court might refuse to accept the person or company has been served properly. You must seek your own legal advice concerning the rules of service and what is required by the court.

How it works:

Please use the Contact Us page on this website to securely send us the following information:

  • Your contact details (these will not be passed to anyone or used for marketing purposes).
  • The type of documents to be served.
  • The service address.Is there a court date which the documents MUST be served by?
  • Can the documents be served on a Sunday?
  • The English courts accept service on Sundays but does yours?

We will reply with a quote within 24hrs.


We are here to help but the court issuing the documents should give you impartial and free advice on anything you are not sure of. We are familiar with most forms of process from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We regularly deal with such matters for various legal representatives and private individuals. This guide is aimed at private individuals for whom it is the first time they have had to serve documents on a UK resident, company or US military personnel. (IE: USAF Mildenhall, Suffolk or USAF Lakenheath, Suffolk).

Put Simply:

You send us the documents to be served, we will serve them as soon as possible and advise you by email once they have been served. If they have to be served by a certain date you must let us know at the time of asking for a quote.

Please bear in mind people can be evasive, work shifts, go away at weekends or not answer the door to unknown callers! So please do not tell them we are coming!! Does the court accept service can be on a Sunday? Here we can serve on Sundays.

After the documents have been served we will email you, prepare and forward to you a sworn Affidavit (or Certificate of Service) sometimes called the proof of service, which confirms the place, date, time and who has been served. The difference between an Affidavit and Certificate of Service is that an Affidavit is signed and sworn on Oath in front of a solicitor (attorney) for which we pay a fee (the Oath fee) to the solicitor (attorney). We charge you the same fee he charges us which is £10.00 for the Affidavit and £2.00 for each exhibit attached. An exhibit is a copy of what has been served (but not £2.00 each page). A Certificate of Service is a statement signed by the person serving the documents (the process server) and there is no Oath fee incurred.

You will need to send us two sets of documents, one for service, one to exhibit. If you do not have copies we can copy them but would charge 15p per copy (see below).


Here are some examples:

  • Some courts require a copy of what has been served to be exhibited (attached) to our Affidavit (or Certificate of Service). Some courts just require the documents served to be only named or referred to in the Affidavit (or Certificate of Service).
  • Most courts provide pre printed forms to be used for our Affidavit (or Certificate of Service). The court should provide you with these free of charge.
  • Some courts require the person being served to sign an acknowledgment at the time of service.
  • Some courts accept that if it is proved the person to be served is at the address (IE: by neighbours or a person at the address) but we have not been able to meet them directly the documents can be left with another person (usually over 18 years old) or served by inserting them into the letter box. Sometimes a person to be served will not come to the door and will be evasive.
  • When serving divorce documents it is usual to supply us with a photograph of the person being served and this is also exhibited (attached) to the Affidavit (or Certificate of Service).

Our Fees & Payment

Our quoted fee is inclusive of:

  • All time and mileage costs in serving the documents.
  • The preparation of the Affidavit (or Certificate of Service), the Oath fee and returning our report and the Affidavit (or Certificate of Service) to you by Royal Mail International Signed For (not by private courier).
  • UK tax (when and where applicable).
  • There will not be any additional fees but sometimes a city congestion charge has to be paid by us for entering certain areas (some London areas £8.00). Or parking fees might apply in a city centre area. We will only add these if we have had to pay them.


Payment can be by automated bank transfer to our UK account. We ask that transfer fees are paid by you and not deducted from the actual amount. Our bankers charge a fee of £6.00 to receive money from abroad. We will only ask for payment after the documents have been served. You may have a relative here who can send us a UK bank cheque to save on your transfer charges. A receipted invoice will be sent with our report and the Affidavit (or Certificate of Service). Please note that we have to charge UK taxes where applicable but you may be able to reclaim these in some cases.

How to send the documents to us

Most national postal services offer have an international service.

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